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Welcome to SperogenX

We are a team of Scientists, Engineers, Clinicians, and Business professionals working on a mission to revolutionize healthcare through development of cutting edge medical diagnostic devices.

Patients and healthcare providers need a cost effective, highly sensitive, easy-to-use platforms for rapid diagnostics of deadly diseases including cancer, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. Our innovative solution, helps to automate clinical diagnostic tests for human diseases at near patient settings. We work closely with our business and clinical partners for realizing a universal diagnostic platform that can be used at a hospital or clinical settings for a rapid and reliable tests at an affordable cost that could be implemented in low-resource settings in developing countries like India.

Our History

SperogenX Biosciences was started in 2017 by two ex-Stanford Scientists at the heart of Silicon Valley Bay Area, California, USA.

Our Mission

To strive for innovative healthcare technologies with three simple goals of being 1.Affordable, 2. Accessible, and 3. Actionable with sole focus on significantly impacting human health.

Our Vision

To accelerate the accessibility of affordable diagnostics for all.