IVD device

Qualcyte 10

Automated ESR analyzer

Product features


  • 10-channel ESR analysis with 30 minutes reading time
  • Random access eliminating sample batching
  • 1.28 mL EDTA blood volume using ESR-vacuum tubes
  • Throughput up to 20 samples/hr
  • LCD (40X4) display with intuitive user interface
  • Automated tube position detection within a second
  • Live test status update
  • 15-min pre-indication sample flagging
  • Built-in Smart card reader for test counting
  • External barcode reader for patient ID scanning
  • External printer automatically prints patient results eliminating transcription errors
  • Optional LIS integration


  • >98.5% correlation to modified Westergren method
  • QC stick for precision measurement
  • Automatic temperature correction to 18°C using Manley Table
  • Memory capacity of up to 5000 patient results