Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is ESR stand for?

A: Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate

Q: When does ESR increases?

A: During inflammation, plasma proteins such as fibrinogen levels increases, and this help red blood cells to clump together. This process makes the blood cell settle faster, and higher ESR.

Q: What is an ESR test?

A: It is a type of blood test that measures how quickly the blood cells (erythrocytes) settle because of gravity at the bottom of the tube. Normally, blood cells settle relatively slowly. However, during inflammation/infection, blood cells settle more rapidly. ESR is used as one of the blood inflammatory markers.

Q: Why ESR test is performed?

A: Doctors may order ESR test if individual has signs of inflammation or infection. ESR test allows to follow conditions such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and lupus. ESR tests also allow for how well the treatment for inflammation or infection is working.

Q: What is ESR blood test normal range?

A: The normal range is 0-22 mm/h in men, and 0-29 mm/h in women

Q: What is the current gold standard test for ESR?

A: Westergren method.

Q: How to perform and read Westergren ESR?

A: Blood is drawn into Westergren-Katz tube until it reaches 200 millimeters. The tube is fixed vertically and sit at room temperature for 1 hour. The distance between initial blood level, and final sedimented blood is measured, and reported as mm/h. 

Q: What are the disadvantages of Westergren ESR method?

A: Difficulty in standardization and Quality Control, Time-consuming, low-throughput, and biohazardous to user.

Q: What is the alternative to Westergren ESR method?

A: ESR auto analyzer is widely used as an alternative to Westergren method.

Q: Why is there a shift from Westergren method to Automated ESR analyzer?

A: Automated ESR analyzer offer benefits including 1. Simplified workflow 2. Laboratory safety, 3. Reduced turnaround time (TAT), 4. >95% correlation to the Westergren method, 5. Quality control options.

Q: How to choose the best ESR analyzer?

A: The top three features that need to be considered

  1. Accuracy & agreement to Westergren method
  2. Price of the instrument/ESR tubes
  3. Quality and service offerings.

Q: What we at SperogenX Biosciences offer?

A: We recently launched Qualcyte 10 ESR auto analyzer, with

  1. Accuracy >98.5% in correlation to Westergren method. ESR is well validated in house and in third party labs in over 250 samples with great confidence in Accuracy.
  2. Price is highly competitive to Indian market. Check with us at
  3. Manufactured in state-of-art ISO 13485 manufacturing facility, with board level servicing, and access to one of the best distributor partners in South and North India.

Q: What is the Qualcyte automated ESR analyzer working principle?

A: The Qualcyte® 10 ESR analyzer uses IR LED/diode optical system that accurately and precisely measures interface between plasma and settled blood cells, and automatically provide sedimentation rate in terms of (ESR, mm/h).

Q: How to perform ESR blood test using Qualcyte 10 ESR analyzer?

A: There are two options 1. Blood is directly drawn into special Qualscan ESR tubes with 1.28 mL automatic draw containing 0.38ml of 3.2% sodium citrate. 2. EDTA blood is pipetted into Qualscan ESR tubes. After mixing, the ESR tubes are loaded into Qualcyte 10 ESR instrument, and results are printed or displayed in ESR mm/h within 30 minutes.

Q: Tell us more about Qualcyte 10 Automated ESR analyzer features?

A:  1. Uniquely designed along with great user experience and interface.

  1. Continuous sample loading, random access, 10-channel ESR analyzer.
  2. ESR results expressed with 30 minutes.
  3. Capable of processing 20 samples per hour.
  4. Equipped with external Barcode scanner, LIS, and Thermal Printer.
  5. Smartcard for test counting.
  6. Pre-indication of abnormal samples within 15 minutes.
  7. Automatic 18 °C conversion.
  8. Integrated Quality Control Stick
  9. Superior accuracy performance with >98.5% correlation to Westergren method.
  10. In-house validated ESR Qualscan tubes with high Sample integrity, breakage proof, and convenient.
  11. Error detection including low-, high- volume ESR tubes.

Q: How accurate is Qualcyte ESR test?

A: Qualcyte 10 ESR analyzer is highly accurate to measure ESR in blood. We performed two studies, one In-house and the other third-party clinical validation. In both studies, a >98.5% correlation was found between Qualcyte 10 ESR analyzer and Westergren method or Mix rate 20 ESR analyzer. This study was achieved by analysis of over 100 blood samples including low-, mid-, and high- ESR samples.

Q: What is ESR at 18 °C conversion means?

A:  The instrument features an algorithm to adjust ESR into 18 °C temperature conversion according to Roger W Manley table to avoid the effect of environmental temperature fluctuation and variations on ESR readings.

Q: Customer testimonials: What costumers say about Qualcyte 10 ESR analyzer?

A: Check out reviews on Select science

Q: Where to buy Qualcyte 10 automated ESR analyzer?

A: We are Indian manufacturer based in Bengaluru. You can directly mail us or connect with our authorized distributor partners.

Q: What is the Qualcyte 10 ESR analyzer price?

A: Call/message at +91 9606454142 or email us at